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A Continued Commitment

Lopez-Dorada has established a strong family culture.  As a minority supplier, the company embraces diversity and fosters an inclusive environment for everyone that focuses on teamwork.  Lopez-Dorada is passionate when it comes to food and plant safety and creating a safe working environment for our associates as well as producing the safest food possible in an effort to be our customers’ most trusted supplier.

We believe in doing things right the first time and strive for continuous improvement.  We know the value of reinvesting in our facilities to ensure we maintain state of the art equipment and processes that reflect the needs and expectations of our customers and our associates.

The COVID-19 Pandemic presented new challenges for the Lopez-Dorada team to create safe ways for team members to take breaks.
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The Heart of Who We Are

With people being our most valuable asset, our top management team focuses on their training and development to meet not only their needs but the ever evolving needs of our customers.  As a family oriented business, we believe in celebrating our successes as well as our people.  The longevity of our workforce reflects these values and we are proud of the dedication our team has shown.

For a Brighter Tomorrow

Lopez-Dorada strongly supports charitable causes as an important part of helping others know who we are as a company.  We are committed to building a community that provides the necessary and valuable services and resources to those in need and creating a more level playing field for those less fortunate.  Lopez-Dorada contributes to a variety of local and national charitable organizations but directs special attention to the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Latino Community Development Agency.